We bring together all that is important in shaping the future: the top decision makers of today, as well as the movers and shakers of the next generation. Engaging in mutual debate, challenging one another and achieving great things together – here, current business leaders will engage in discussion on equal footing with the “Vordenker”, the visionaries of tomorrow.

The leaders of today determine our future and set up the playing field for the next generation. However, members of the next generation often do not get to voice their opinions and are excluded from decision-making processes. It is high time to change that!

Through the VORDENKER PROJECT, we aim to get the movers and shakers of tomorrow to take on the business elites of today by tackling Challenges derived from the latest opinion polls.

To establish a community of visionaries, we will be scouting the German business world for top talent in the cohort of next generation managers who currently may be working for large corporations, SMEs or even start-ups. These prospective pioneers of the next generation are known as VORDENKER.

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    Consisting of the leading figures from the business world to develop principles and serve as catalysts

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    A joint initiative of WirtschaftsWoche and The Boston Consulting Group


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, WirtschaftsWoche
Dr Miriam Meckel, Prof. of Corporate Communication

By tomorrow, today will be yesterday. The decisions made right now in the offices of executive suites not only have an impact on the present, but they also define the future and the scope of action for upcoming generations. More importantly, these decisions are being made without adequately giving members of those future generations a voice that would enable them to contribute ideas today for shaping tomorrow.

We intend to change that, because we here at The Boston Consulting Group and WirtschaftsWoche have made it our goal to give this new generation a voice: with the VORDENKER COMMUNITY.

A space for in-depth discussions with the executive managers of today and developing big ideas finally brings together those forces that belong together: the top decision makers of today and the Vordenker of tomorrow. With support from our high-calibre Leadership Board, talented young minds from large companies, SMEs and start-ups stand to become the people to challenge established business leaders − and step up as the VORDENKER of our time.

Are you on the road to becoming part of senior management? Are you looking for the next challenge? And do you want to actively shape the future? Then sign up to become a part of our community, and we will ensure that your voice is heard.

We look forward to receiving your registration.

Best regards,
Miriam Meckel

MANAGING DIRECTOR GERMANY, The Boston Consulting Group
Carsten Kratz

Anyone who is responsible for coming up with the business strategies of tomorrow also needs to be open to the ideas of tomorrow. We are interested in how the members of the next generation of decision makers operate and what drives them. Together with WirtschaftsWoche, we therefore would like to give them a platform and make them a catalysing force here in Germany for senior managers, politicians and entrepreneurs. We want to initiate discussions on the issues of consequence to our country – and which stand to become even more important in future.

The quality of being a Vordenker, a visionary, is firmly embedded in the DNA of the Boston Consulting Group. Visionary ideas are only possible, however, if you open yourself up to inspiration that comes from various directions. Innovation is the product of diversity, of the combination of people, opinions and approaches. That is why we pay attention to ensuring we have a diverse mix when it comes to selecting our employees. We are equally delighted to welcome business management experts, biochemists, engineers and pianists; women and men; and people with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds or of any sexual orientation. We will be even more delighted if in future members of our VORDENKER COMMUNITY are found among the ranks of those who serve as sources of inspiration. That is part of our strategy for the business of tomorrow.

Best regards,
Carsten Kratz


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Editor in Chief, WirtschaftsWoche
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Managing Director Germany, The Boston Consulting Group
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Chairman, UNICEF Germany
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Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Credit Suisse
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President, Goethe Universität Frankfurt